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Understanding The Importance Of Safety Before Purchasing A Screw Conveyor For Sale

A conveyor is a mechanical device that handles goods and materials, and it moves these materials from a certain location to another location that has already been predetermined. A conveyor is very beneficial when transporting bulky or heavy items, and it has wide application in the dry mortar mixing machine. These types of systems allow materials to be transported quickly and efficiently. Another advantage of conveyors is that they help to reduce injuries in employees and staff. However, it is important for business owners to understand the safety risks before buying a screw conveyor for sale for your cement batch plant or mortar production line.

The Importance Of Adhering To Safety Precautions

Although screw conveyors are considered safe and offer many advantages, they are still responsible for many fatalities and injuries every year. Workers are affected by injuries due to conveyors in several industries including:

Food handling
Metal working
Food processing
Other industries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States, there are dozens of workers who are injured due to conveyor accidents. Many workers who work around these machines on a daily basis are not aware of the potential danger that is associated with misusing this type of machine. Fortunately, the risks can be reduced by understanding conveyor safety before purchasing types of screw conveyors for sale.

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The Ideal Conveyor Design

When looking for a conveyor for purchase, you can check more online or this site:, and it is important to pay special attention to certain details. The conveyor you are considering should be designed to minimize both hazard points and pinch points. Both points should be guarded by their location. This simply means that potentially hazardous location on the conveyor should not be accessible to workers.

If a pinch point can be accessed by a worker, then a pop out safety roller should also be installed on the conveyor. The roller will pop out if pressure is applied to it. By popping out, the roller helps to prevent workers from accessing the pinch point.

These systems should also have guards installed. These also prevent access of the pinch points. Guards can be installed on:

Shaft drives
Belt conveyors
Tail drums
Head drums
Gravity conveyors
Gravity tension devices

It is also important that emergency stops are used with conveyor systems, especially for dry mix mortar mixer. These stops should be placed within reach of the pinch points. For example, cords for emergency stops can be placed along walkways, and netting can be installed to prevent equipment from falling off of the conveyor and falling onto a pedestrian or worker underneath.

The Different Types Of Screw Conveyor Systems

There are several different types of systems including screw feeders, screw lifts and screw conveyors. Screw conveyors should be guarded closely in order to prevent contact with workers with turning flights. The housing of the conveyor system should enclose all of the moving parts. For example, feed openings should be designed so that the opening moving parts and rotating conveyor are enclosed and prevent access to the conveyor by employees. If you want to buy reliable screw conveyor, please check here:

A railing, fence or grating can be used to keep workers at a safe distance.

These are some of the considerations that business owners will need to put into their purchasing and safety plans when buying a screw conveyor for sale. It is important to make sure that all screw conveyors meet national production regulations.