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Ways to Reduce Dust By Dry Mortar Mixer

The dry mortar mixer is a kind of multi-functional equipment. It can be used to produce putty, dry mortar, and other powders. Dry mortar mixer machine needs to mix all kinds of different raw materials. So, there will be dust during production. What can we do with the dust? How to reduce dust? There are many ways to solve the problems as the following:

Firstly, the equipment should be sealed, especially for the exit which can discharge dust. You can add bag filter to gas vent of dry mortar mixer. If you do so, when you use dry mortar mixer to produce mortar, the material will be in a sealed space. It is not easy for discharging ash. With this method, we can solve the problem effectivity. The dry mortar mixing plant is a set of equipment. You need to clean them on time.

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Secondly, discharging and feeding hole of dry mortar mixers are the main part to produce ash. If we can solve the two parts, the amount of dash will reduce greatly. We can use dust removing equipment. If you don’t use dust removing equipment, you can do a good dust prevention in discharging and feeding hole. During production process, you should make a good preparation for dust removing. We also have small dry mortar plant for sale.

Thirdly, though dry mortar mixer has dust removing equipment, it is better to do the sealing work. You should keep all junction of ports in good sealing condition. We think that having dust removing equipment is necessary for dust removing.

Dry mortar mixer is one part of dry mortar production line. It is important for dry mortar production line. With the rapid development of construction industry, more and more high technology dry mortar mixers have appeared in this industry. High quality dry mortar mixer can satisfy your requirement and can avoid dust removing. You also can consider to buy some semi-automatic dry mortar plants which have high productivity.

Above are the effective ways to reduce dust by dry mortar mixer. You can use these ways to help your construction site. If you still have some doubt about dry mortar mixer, and want to know more about dry mortar mixer, you can look for more types of mixers from our website: are the best manufacturer of dry mortar mixer. Also, we can provide you high quality dry mortar production line.