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Four Things To Consider When Choosing A Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

Are you on the market for the best asphalt plant? Coming up with an educated decision can prove difficult, especially if you do not have a lot of experience in the industry. A multitude of different things can have a huge impact on your choice. Of course, you need to think of your particular applications and choose the appropriate plant that helps you finish your projects in the most efficient manner. In this short guide, you will learn four of the most important things you need to look at when buying a hot asphalt mix plant for sale.

reasonable layout of hot asphalt plant


It is always useful to start with the right type of asphalt plant based on your unique needs. The two common types of asphalt plants today are the batch type and the drum type. And asphalt batching plant, as its name suggests, produces hot mix in batches. This type consists of gold aggregate feed bins that supply the drying drum with gold aggregates. With the drying drum removes moisture to allow the bituminous material to bind better. Drum asphalt plant, on the other hand, is also referred to as a parallel flow plant. A conveyor is used to transfer gold aggregates to the drum. Aside from drying, the drum also mixes to speed up the process.

working process of asphalt hot plant

You should also determine whether you need a stationary or a small portable asphalt plant for sale. It is worth remembering that the mobile asphalt plant costs considerably higher compared to a stationary plant. However, this difference in price can be well worth it in case you are particular application calls for the movement of the plant for more productive use. Also, you may have to purchase mobile accessories in the event that you decide to purchase a portable asphalt plant.


Depending on your production volume, you need to select the appropriate size of the asphalt batching plant. You should determine the type of project you deal with to get an idea of the correct size to purchase. You need to crunch some numbers in this process. Usually, ton per hour is used to determine the capacity of the machine. Remember to purchase an asphalt plant with a slightly higher capacity as you will not want it to run at 100% all the time.

New or Used

You always have the choice of buying a second-hand mixing plant. This is an attractive option if you need to work with a limited budget. There are plenty of machines out there that remain in good working condition. Just be prepared to do more maintenance work. There’s no need to force yourself into buying brand new equipment if it falls beyond your budget. The second hand equipment can prove just as efficient if taken care of properly.

Now, you should be more informed as you shop for a hot mix asphalt plant. Be sure to weigh in all your options and determine your unique needs so you can make the right choice. You can make right choice on the website: Since this is a huge investment, don’t rush through the process to avoid making costly errors.